Short Rides - Bike Route #9: Millville-Elgin (42 miles)

Start at Century HS, ride East on Viola RD (CR 2), Turn Left onto CR 11. Ride North to Hwy 247, Turn Right onto Hwy 247 to Potsdam, Turn Left onto CR11 to CR 2. Turn Left onto CR 2 to Millville. (~19.5 miles) Leave Millville South on CR 2 to Elgin (~28.5 miles). Follow CR 2 South out of Elgin to CR 11, Turn Left onto CR 11 and then Right onto CR 2 (Viola Rd) back to Century HS. Rest breaks in Millville (19.5 miles)  and Elgin (28.5 miles)

Last updated on Sunday, June 13, 2004