Short Rides - Bike Route #11: RAC - Pine Island (45 miles)

Leave the Rochester Athletic Club Parking lot on 19th St NW going West (left). Follow 19th St to Cr 104, Turn Right and follow to Cr 4. Turn Left onto Cr 4 follow to Cr 3 (5 miles). Turn Right onto Cr 3 follow North to Cr 15, Turn Right onto Cr 15 for about 2 blocks, Turn Left onto Cr 3. Follow Cr 3 North, at ~ 11.2 miles watch for Cr 3 to turn off to the left. Continue on Cr 3 to Pine Island. If you want to stop in Pine Island, Turn Right on 8th St SW and follow to Downtown. To leave Pine Island, Follow 8th St SW to Cr 13 (Angles off to the Left) Follow Cr 13 (Changes to Cr 24 in Dodge County) to Cr 11 (~23 miles) Turn Left onto Cr 11 and follow to Cr 22 (don't turn right onto Cr 22 at the first intersection) (~26.3 miles) Turn Left onto Cr 22 and follow to Cr 5. Turn Right onto Cr 5 and follow south to Cr 15 (~31.2 miles). Turn Left onto Cr 15 and follow to CR 3. Turn Right (south) onto Cr 3 and follow to CR 4. Turn Left onto CR 4 and follow to CR 104. Turn Right onto CR 104 and Follow to 19th St NW. Turn Left onto 19th St NW and follow back to the RAC.

Last updated on Monday, June 14, 2004