Distance Rides - Bike Route #8:

Rochester Centurion 2002 (100 mile)

Rochester Centurion 2002 (100 mile) - starts at Olmsted county Fairgrounds and travels south on C.R. 1 through Simpson and Pleasent Grove to M.N. 30. There you turn east and head into Chatfield. In Chatfield you turn south for a short distance before turning right (west) on to C.R. 2 all the way back to C.R. 1. When you reach C.R. 1, turn south to Spring Valley. About 1 mile south of Spring Valley, turn right (west) on C.R. 12 and head east to C.R. 5 where you turn north and head back through Wykoff to Chatfield. From Chatfield, you again take C.R. 2 out of Chatfield heading west to C.R. 1 where this time you turn north back to Rochester.

Last updated on Monday, June 14, 2004