Distance Rides - Bike Route #7:

Rochester Centurion 2002 (100 km)

Rochester Centurion 2002 (100k - 63 mile) - starts at Olmsted county Fairgrounds and travels south on C.R. 1 through Simpson and Pleasent Grove to M.N. 30. There you turn east and head into Chatfield. In Chatfield you turn north for a short distance (1/4 mile) before turning right (east) on to C.R. 10. You then follow C.R. 10 north until the junction of C..R. 10 and C.R. 30, where you turn south to Saratoga. In Saratoga, turn south on MN 74 to Tryo. then turn west on MN 30 back into Chatfield. Leave Chatfield on C.R. 2 heading west all the way to C.R. 1 where you turn north and head for home back in through Simpson on C.R. 1.

Last updated on Monday, June 14, 2004