Distance Rides - Bike Route #6:

Centurion 1996 (100 mile / 100 km)

Route #6: Centurion 1996 loop (100k and 100 mile loops) - starts at OCF and goes south towards Simpson before turning east and then north on C.R. 11 all the way through Potsdam to Milville. It then goes south to Elgin. At this point you can go south and east on C.R. 2 and C.R.11 back to Rochester for a 100 km ride, or turn east on C.R. 25 for the 100 mile ride. The 100 mile ride goes to elba and then south through Dover to Chatfield where to travel west on MN 30 to C.R. 1 and then north through Simpson back to town.

Last updated on Monday, June 14, 2004