RASC Long Rides # 17: Racine and Spring Valley (45 & 59)

Start at Bamber Valley School, east on Mayowood Rd to 16th St SW, Turn Right, Follow to 11th Ave SE, turn RIGHT. 11th Ave becomes CR 1, follow South to CR 2 for 45 mile ride. Turn Right to Racine (25 miles). Or continue on CR 1 to Spring Valley. Turn RIGHT onto CR 8 (You will be a few blocks into Spring Valley) CR 8 with run into Hwy 63, there are a couple of places to use as rest stops. Follow Hwy 63 RIGHT, there is a wide shoulder for about 4.5 miles. After 63 turns north, the shoulder narrows to Grand Meadow. Turn RIGHT (North) onto CR 8. There are places to eat in Racine, Spring Valley and Grand Meadow.

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