Long Route #12: Windmill - Mantorville 53 to 69 Miles

Leave from Bamber Valley School headed west on Mayowood Rd SW to Salem Rd. At CR 3 turn LEFT (South). Red route is about 53 miles with a rest stop in Mantorville (34 miles). As you are headed north on CR 9 you will cross Hwy 14 to CR 34, turn left, onto CR 34 for about one mile to CR 9 again, turn RIGHT. **Note** There is about 200 yds of gravel just before you get to Byron on a small jog on CR 34. Optional return to Bamber Valley could be on CR 34.

The Blue route (60 miles) leaves Mantorville north on Hwy 57 to CR 11. There is also gravel on CR 16 due to road contruction for about 3/10 mile (3/05).

The Green route (69 miles) continues on CR 11 to Pine Island with a second rest stop at 48 miles in Pine Island, you will need to ride into town. The ride along the river on CR 24 is very nice! **Note, CR 3 from Pine Island to junction of 3 and CR 12 is under construction (3/05). Options include CR 5 to CR 14 adds about 3 miles or the Douglas trail (very rough for first 6 miles).

Mainly gentle rolling hills, one short steep hill going north thru Mantorville on Hwy 57 and a steep down hill on CR 14 just before Genoa. Look for the windmills west of CR 9.

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